Autumn Graves

An experienced administrator with strong fundraising experience, Autumn Graves holds a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from the Teachers College of Columbia University as well as a Certificate in Fundraising from the School for Continuing and Professional Studies at New York University. More recently, Autumn Graves was accepted to the doctorate program in Higher Education Management at the University of Pennsylvania. She expects to obtain an Ed.D. in 2014.

Over the last ten years, Autumn Graves has held senior administrative positions with a number of respected private academies. Her efforts in the field have drawn recognition from influential media outlets and communal foundations. In 2010, Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine named her to its list of Women to Watch for this Decade. This came just two months after the Philadelphia City Council recognized her as one of the Next Generation of Leaders. Mrs. Graves also received the Award for Education from Power Shift, a civic organization dedicated to strengthening Philadelphia’s next generation of leaders. 

As a civic leader, Autumn Graves consistently lends her support to charitable and nonprofit organizations. She is a trustee of the Library Company of Philadelphia and of The Shipley School, a prestigious college preparatory academy serving a diverse student population from throughout the Philadelphia region. She is a member of the Metro-Manhattan Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, one of the oldest and largest volunteer service organizations dedicated to strengthening the economic and cultural survival of African American women.

An active member of the Junior League, Autumn Graves has played a significant role in a number of projects over the last 14 years. These include conducting a training course for nonprofit board members and helping to create the New York Junior League University.

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